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There are so many things that go through your mind when you are buying a new TV. It would help if you considered a lot of factors from the space you have to the size you have to the TV’s different specs. You must admit the TV sets have seen a continued rise and upgrading specs and performance. Gone are the days when a 32-inch TV was enough, and having in one was considered a huge achievement. The size ranges from 55 inches to 65 inches for the standard living room TV, and the resolution going up to 8 k.

That’s quite a huge upgrade, and you need to invest in your TV if you want to get the very best performances. However, what happens when you don’t have the cash or the space to accommodate the big TV sets currently rocking the market? You go for the budget TV that still does the job and not take up much of you already constrained spaces. The Toshiba TF 32 inch fire TV edition is a great choice and will serve you diligently for a long time to come. He’s everything you need to know about it;

The Design

The Toshiba TV 32 inch fire edition TV is made with black plastic and an astonishing big wide frame. The plastic is a lot of good quality, and you cannot fault a budget TV for its plastic construction. The black plastic is rather narrow and simple and will have everything you need in a TV. There’s also the necessary holes for you to hook up should you decide to mount the TV on walls. Should you decide to have it on its own, you can use the wide stands.

There’s not much to say about the remote control as it is as basic as they come but will still do the job. You will love that they have dedicated buttons for prime video HBO Netflix and VUE.

Power consumption

Power is a critical factor when buying a TV as you don’t want a TV set that will consume all the power. A Toshiba fire TV edition consumes roughly 86 watts of power, and with the normal dimming, you can reduce that to 63 watts. It is important to note there are no many power-saving modes, but at 86 watts, that is relatively fair.


Since this is a budget TV, you don’t expect much from the screen, and you can’t compare it to the premium OLED or HDR TVs. However, at 720-pixel, this TV set’s picture quality will still be enjoyable to watch, and the image quality is good enough.

Input lag

At 70.6 milliseconds, the input lag of this TV set is not something to write home about. Considering that you want the time between the display receiving a signal and updating it on the screen to be almost instant, the manufacturer should have done a better job. It’s important to know whether the above input lag is for the movie mode, and if you want to better the performance, you have to sacrifice the picture quality.

The operating system

The Toshiba TF 32-inch fire TV edition runs on the Fire TV operating system platform. This is another standard platform to run on, and you need an Amazon account to use the streaming functions on the TV. However, if you don’t have an Amazon account, you can still use the basic mode, and you be limited to the things you can and can’t do with the TV set.


Here are the things the manufacturer got right for this 32 inches Smart HDTV:

Amazing picture quality

The 720 pixel this TV has some brilliant colors; you enjoy rich contrast and unique picture details. You can never get it wrong with movies, games, or tv shows with this TV set.

High responsiveness

As you know that the tv response is critical to how well you get to enjoy the shows. It is good to admit that though the fire TV’s responsiveness is satisfactory, it is not one of the very best. However, considering the cost and size of the TV, its responsiveness is ok.

Good sound

Sound is a tricky spec for most TV sets as some are too loud or often not loud enough. However, The Toshiba Fire TV Edition has an acceptable sound range and is quite satisfactory using it in a normal living room.

Easily integrate with the Fire TV platform

The TV uses the Fire platform to easily integrate the streamers and make your life easier when trying to connect. This is important for those who love streaming movies or games are other online activities.


Here are the things that the manufacturer could have done better if this Fire TV addition;

Wide stand

Probably the main reason why you’re going for this 32 inches smart TV from Toshiba is because of the small space. With that in mind, we don’t understand why the manufacturer could have had a wide stand for this TV, which will take up so much space.

Slow smart platform

So you don’t expect much from this budget fire TV edition; a smart platform is rather slow and sluggish and will require your patience. We felt that the manufacturer could have done better turn introduced a better smart platform.

Poor input lag

Input lag can be the time between which it receives a signal and updates it on the screen. This TV has a painfully low input lag, and you need to change to the game mode to have better input lag. If you want better responsiveness, you will be sacrificing the picture quality, which is not a good thing to do.

What to look for when buying a TV

With the evolution of technology, it was probably one of the most underrated gadgets at home. It may not be said out loud, but TV is one of those long-term things that you don’t buy quite often. Thus, it would be best if you were on your toes when shopping for one. But what do you look for when buying a new TV? Here are a few tips for you to help you buy a good and long-term TV.

The quality of the screen matters

There was a time when LCD sets are quite popular and considered progressive because they were serving the purpose. However, with the introduction of a led, RCD sales are becoming quite unpopular. The OLED TV sets have better views, and watching them is probably better than the LCD set.

Resolution is key

Primarily there are two common types of resolution when it comes to TVs. You either go for the 4K resolution or the 8k resolution. If you’re on a budget and looking for a good TV, then you suggest we go for the 4K resolution as it will give you clear-cut pictures. If you feel you have money to spare, you can go for the 8k resolution TVs that are a bit pricey, but the pictures’ quality is unrivaled.

The refresh rate is important

You may not know this, but TVs need a very high refresh rate so that you can have a smooth scene in motion pictures and videos. This is very true if you love watching movies, playing games or watching sports. In essence, you need any refresh rate from 60 Hz to and 20 Hz as the refresh rate. With this kind of rate, TV can run smoothly.

You 4 HDMI ports

This is one of the most underrated aspects that people ignore. In as much as you’re getting a smart TV, there will come a time when you need to make external connections. HDMI ports will enable you to do this with ease. You need to have at least four HDMI ports in your TV set to connect with the various necessities necessary for TV. The newer the HDMI ports, the better.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

This is one of the latest technologies to be introduced in 4K ultra HD TV sets. The high dynamic range is important in delivering more contrast levels, increases brightness, and more colors. You may not remember all the big words that come with HDR, but remember this HDR 10 and Ultra HD are the latest HDR development and will give you excellent views.

Some of the suspects may seem small and like we don’t matter, but the truth of the matter is they do matter. Even a small detail on your TV will have a great impact on your viewership.


The Toshiba 32-inch for edition TV is a great pick for people on a budget with a fantastic sound and good visual performance. The picture quality is good, the colors are excellent and vibrant, the image quality is good, and the sound is crystal clear, which gives you good value for your money. There is Alexa in there, which makes the functionality and ease-of-use quite accommodating.