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Cutting your own hair can be quite an uphill task for many. It is very easy to mess up or cause a very painful accident. The job is made even more difficult for people who don’t have the right equipment. Getting a good hair clipper is not that difficult and it’s a worthy cause as clippers are known to last for a very long time. In fact, it is very easy to find a barber using the same hair clipper for decades. Buying the right gadget is a daunting task as it entails going through dozens and dozens of reviews. Here we will focus on a good product from a reputable brand, Wahl.

There is something about rechargeable haircutters that has so many people hooked to them. The idea of using your hair clipper freely is always good and when juice runs out, you can easily connect the charger. Apart from that, people also want sharp and durable hair cutters that will serve them without much struggle. The WAHL Model 79434 Clipper is a good addition to your home appliances. It has all the necessary features for clean and precise shaving. Using it is not hard and cleans well.

The WAHL Model 79434 has self-sharpening blades and the stainless-steel material used to make it is durable. Thus, you get a gadget that is built to last long and will stay sharp for a long time. The gadget has a run time of 60 minutes when fully charged and there are up to 12 guard trims for different styles. On top of this, there are 21 trimmers for different shaving styles and preferences. The blades are easy to detach, and this makes them easy to clean.

Here is a detailed look of the WAHL Model 79434

The model is designed to give users a long-lasting service. It has some of the best specs in the market and users are poised to enjoy using this product. Here are some of the most notable specs:

Steel blades

The blades on this model are made with lasting steel that’s adds to the durability of the machine. The blades are self-sharpening which allows them to stay sharp for a very long time. In most cases, when a hair trimmer is used for a very long time, it tends to become dull. However, this is not the case with WAHL Model 79434 as the blades are set in a way that they sharpen each other as they move in opposite direction. The self-sharpening nature is important in ensuring you get quality service while at the same time reducing the time spent on maintenance.

A well-packaged grooming kit

The manufacturer includes a well thought out kit that has up to 12 trimming guards. They are important in ensuring that you get the very best trimming service. The availability of this variety is important in getting different shaving styles. The trimmers allow for goof-proof cuts and cuts different sizes from 1/16” to 1” haircuts.

On top of this, there are other accessories that come with this package. you can expect to find scissors, ear tapers for both the left and right sides, blade oil, styling comb, blade cleaning Cloth, storage case and, detail cleaning brush. All this is meant to increase the user experience.

Multi hair trimmers

The WAHL Model 79434 comes with up to 21 hair trimmers. The trimmers are important in shaving different styles. The styles range shaving to fading to trimming of beards. Attaching and detaching these elements is not a hard task and users are guided by powerful illustrations from the manufacturer.

The battery

Wahl uses a strong battery with this gadget that’s able to hold power for up to one hour. The battery charges well and you won’t have to spend a lot of time charging. The ability to use this hair clipper with a cord or cordless is good and will allow you to continue shaving even when the battery runs out.


Here are some of the advantages of using this machine;

Self-sharpening blades

Using a hair clipper for a long time can make it lose its sharpness. That’s not the case with this gadget as it is fitted with two set of blades that sharpen each other.

Long battery life

The WAHL Model 79434 has a strong battery life of one hour per every single charge. The running time is important in ensuring that the users has ample time to shave. The running time is also solid enough to ensure that you won’t spend a lot of time charging.

When charging, the machines uses 220V or dual voltage which is used in most places around the globe. When charging, the gadget does not have many color indicators which means you need to be to be vigilant to know when its fully charged.

Comes with many accessories

One of the biggest advantages of this hair clipper is the availability of many accessories. The accessories will only make the shaving job easier. With things like scissors, styling combs and ear tapers, you can see why these accessories are a welcome addition. On top, there is the cleaning brush that simplifies the art of cleaning the blades. The storage bag allows for easier mobility and users can travel with it everywhere they go.

Runs quietly

The WAHL Model 79434 runs a bit quietly when shaving. It is an important attribute as to the proximity of the ears. With most hair clippers, the motors are often too strong and make a lot of noises when shaving. However, this clipper does not have as powerful a motor as the rest and thus works quietly.


There are several drawbacks that the WAHL Model 79434 comes with. Here are the most notable ones:

Easily breaks

The WAHL Model 79434 has been known to break rather easily. Its highly delicate state means that users have to be extra careful when using it. It’s ability to break under pressure does not sit well with people with tough hair.

No color indicators

The WAHL Model 79434 does not have power color indicators. There is only one color thus it’s hard to know when power is almost over. The lack of color indicators is somewhat inconvenient as this means you will not be able to not when the power is low. There is no color indicator when its charging; thus you can’t know when the gadget is charging or when it is full.  Wahl should have done better with the color indicators.

Cleaning is tedious

The WAHL Model 79434 is not waterproof and thus you cannot clean it with running water. However, you can remove the attachments and clean them individually. Once you have detached the trimmers, you can wash them with water.


Throughout the years, WAHL have been known to make quality machines and the WAHL Model 79434 is no different. It has the making of a dependable shaving machine and it’s can shave the whole body. It is fairly priced on Amazon and users get good value for their money. Though it is a very delicate machine, it does a good job shaving and the inclusion of attachments enables users to try different patterns and styles. The machine has a good design that allows for a firm grip which is important in controlling the machine. The machine is not waterproof, and users are urged to remove the attachments and clean them separately.

When buying a hair clipper, and other accessories as well, it is vital that you only order from trusted sources. Otherwise, there is a likelihood of getting broken and damaged products if you get them from untrusted sources. Once you get the product, kindly ensure that all the accessories are there to avoid any issues and return them if you are not pleased with what you get. It is also important to know if the product has moneyback guarantee or a warranty. For instance, in the WAHL Model 79434, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is also a five-year warranty for this product.

The WAHL Model 79434 is a good product and is crafted to suit all your shaving needs. It is not expensive and the inclusion of the other accessories gives it good value for money. However, the product is very delicate and requires handling with great care. Any accidental falls will have a catastrophic effect on the machine. On top of this, the cleaning is also complex as it involves removing the blades and cleaning them separately using the cleaning brush included in the accessories. The battery also holds well and will enable you to complete the job. However, the manufacturer would have done a better job with the battery. The WAHL Model 79434 hair clipper will do its job with ease and won’t require a lot of training for you to be able to use it. It is perfect for newbies and will enable them learn how to use a hair clipper.