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Traditionally, plants grow naturally with the light from the sun. However, the need to improve operational efficiency in the growth and production of plants has led to the innovation of LED grow lights. This revolutionized farming as we know it and plants can grow after sunset and even places where sunlight is limited.

The benefits of having LED grow lights are immense with the most notable ones being: improved energy efficiency, easily adjustable wavelength, continuous growth, and durability. This has led to farmers and other interested parties rushing to buy LED grow lights.

Choosing the right LED grow lights is proving to be a rather tiresome task. The market is currently filled with lots of misleading information from both manufacturers and other sites, product descriptions are rather misleading and a dozen products that are almost the same.

What to look for in LED grow lights

Several factors determine what kind of LED lights to go for. These factors may vary from one person to the other, but they are lots of underlying factors. Here is what you should look for in a LED grow lights;

  • The type of plant you are growing

That the type of plants you are growing determines the type of lights to go for. In as much as all LED grow lights are the same, there are some notable differences. Some lights are designed for specific plants and they have the special specs for that. Customers should be on the lookout for such.

  • The total electricity output and consumption

LED grow lights produce as much as 1000W and customers are urged to look for lights that give almost half of this or higher. It is said that the higher electricity output the lesser you are likely to experience wattage loss

  • Balanced heat output

Since the lights will be mounted closer to the plants, the LED lights must be producing low heat output. This is important in ensuring the lights will last a long time and that the heat won’t damage the plants.

  • Choose the brand with the highest quality

Theoretically, LED grow lights should last for a decade. This depends on several factors top among them being the quality of the material used in construction. Choose a light that is well built and this way you will be assured that your lamp will serve you for a long time to come.

  • Full Spectrum Lights are becoming popular

Plants require full radiation values that enable them to photosynthesis. Full Spectrum lights are important in ensuring that plants will be supplied with the required lights at different stages of growth. A full spectrum produces different lights such as ultraviolet, Infrared, blue and red spectrum which are all important in the growth of the plants.

Here are the best-LED growth Lights in 2020:

LED Grow Light 100W YGROW Full Spectrum Grow Light

This Led grow light has an output of 100W and it gives full spectrum which enables plants to grow at all times. The best thing with this light is it gives rays closer to those on natural light with the full spectrum helping every stage of growth. The light is ideal for indoor plants as well as hydroponics.

This light is built to improve efficiency with a small input yielding high output. Ideally, it consumes around 35W and its output is placed at a 210W HPS/MS. This is made possible by reflecting cups that are placed at a 60-degree angle to maximize output. For each chip, there is a heat sink meant to improve the heat dissipation. This is also boosted by the presence of a heat back panel made with aluminum.

This LED Grow Light 100W YGROW Full Spectrum Grow Light is easy to install. It comes with a four-hanging kit that is easy to mount on your preferred position. The 2.5m power cable also gives a good room to move around and the whole lamp is lightweight so moving it around is easy.

This LED grow light is made 196 LEDs that make it powerful with the full spectrum being instrumental in the growth of plants. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty and quick response time when contacted.


  • Powerful LED lights
  • Gives high output
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

Gavita Pro 1700e LED 120-277 Volt

Gavita has excelled in the manufacturing of this product. Though it is relatively expensive as compared to the other lamps in this list, it gives a good service. With a total of 8 LED bars, it gives broad and intense light and the fact that it is relatively cool means it does not damage the plants. It is ideal in places such as tents, vertical rants or even benches.

It gives a full spectrum which is important in helping the plant throughout. The lamp will give high light that’s required in the advanced stages of a plants’ growth and reduced light during the earlier stages. The spectrum is built with some of the best components such as the deep-red from Osram, white LEDs from Samsung and Philips drivers.

The Gavita Pro 1700e LED 120-277 Volt is built to improve output while keeping the input low. This can be seen in its stat of 2.6 µmol s-1/watt and uses an input of 645W. The light can be dimmed to around half of its output as and when needed through the use of controllers and LED adapters.

However, this LED grow light does not come with its power cord and customers have to purchase it separately. The light is also highly-priced but it gives quality service. That said, the lamp is easy to install and has been approved to be used even in wet environments.


  • Maximizes output while using low input
  • Delivers spectrum light
  • Can be easily dimmed
  • Approved to be used even in wet areas


  • It is expensive
  • Does not come with a power cord

The HT-02 FGI Uniformity Pro 640

The Pro 640 light is an excellent addition to your indoor farm or a greenhouse. The 4’x4′ smartly connected LED light is made with 8 bars that give light in uniform. It gives full-spectrum thanks to white diodes from Samsung and red diodes from Cree. It is built to improve efficiency and this made possible with its quality components that are used in the construction. You can expect to find 1600 PPF µmols/m2 and an Efficacy of 2.5 µmols/j. This is quite something considering it uses an input of 640W.

The HT-02 FGI Uniformity Pro 640 is made with vertical shelves and high bars. Its uniformity and sleek design mean it can be mounted at ceiling height or tents and below shelves or any other grow room. It also has a passive cooling which is important in protecting the plants from damage and it has been approved for use in wet environments.

There is optional dimming through the use of the FGI controller and the manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty. However, the product is pricey.


  • Gives uniform light
  • It is portable and easy to mount
  • Approved to be used in wet areas
  • Full-spectrum output


  • It is highly-priced


If you are in the market for a decent LED grow light at an affordable price, then you might want to have a look at this one. The product from, MARS HYDRO, has been crafted to improve efficiency and use low energy to give maximum efficiency. This Led grow light uses a full spectrum to give a light that’s close to the natural light. It comes will heat sinks that are highly reflective and reduce the light that can be lost in walls or aisles.

They use a rather ingenious cooling method that does not produce noise. The use of aluminum in the light board helps the LED lights to cool off without making noise. The use of IR 660nm and 760nm red is important in helping the plants to flower and blossom which is important in increasing the yield.

The MARS HYDRO TS 600W LED Grow Light gives a high output of 591μmol/m².s. Add this to the fact that you are getting a maximum of 2.5g yield per power draw and see why this is an efficient lamp. This LED grow light is easy to mount and at 2×2 ft, you can see why it is perfect for your greenhouse and your grow room.


  • Bright LED lights
  • It is Noise-free
  • Lightweight and easy to set up
  • Highly efficient
  • It is affordable


  • There is no mention if it can be used in a wet environment

Parting Shot

There you go, folks. Those are some of the best LED grow lights you can find in the market. After buying and mounting the LED grow lights it’s important to constantly adjust and fine-tune the lamps from time to time. This will mostly depend on the stage of growth the plants are in. It is prudent to do some due diligence before buying the products and ensure the delivered package has all items.