Product Review

  • Raise and care for your very own BT21 character with a BT21 Tamagotchi device!
  • How you spend time with VAN the space robot will determine which BT21 Baby will be delivered to you.
  • Take good care of your BT21 Tamagotchi characters every day. Feed them milk or burgers when they are hungry, or if grumpy, feed them candy or donuts.
  • Keep your BT21 happy by playing games with them. Includes 4 mini games – dancing, making sweets, space traveling, and picture taking.
  • Baby Style version has a butter yellow shell color, with BT21 “baby style” characters printed on the front panel and featuring blue buttons. Also available in Space Color version!
  • Comes with 1 BT21 Tamagotchi device with a chain so you can take your BT21 with you everywhere!